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Date Started - 09/21/2006 Date Completed - 05/02/2007

The goal of this particular project was to build "from scratch" a rotary quern, like those used by the Insular Celts from ~ 200-500CE.

The original querns were made largely from sandstone, although a few limestone and basalt examples are also known ("Archaeology Ireland", Summer 2006 pp22-25). The stones we worked with were gathered from the surrounding country side and were of an unknown variety. Although a total of 8-10 stones were harvested, we focused our effort on two samples that were very close to the finished dimensions we wanted.

Our good friends, and fellow Celtic group, the Celtic Learning Project joined us for this project. It was at their suggestion that other activities such as carding, and drop spinning were added to give those not carving a needed break and alternative.

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