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Norseland's "Fall Thyng"
September 22nd & 23rd, 2007

Fall Thyng is an annual Norseland event that ACC was honored to participate in.

Norseland is Viking reenactment group. Although they are not part of the SCA they do often attend some SCA events, and compete in heavy weapons tournaments. Thus they have often have a similar "look and feel" to the SCA.

But in truth, their fantastic hospitality and Norse focus give them a distinctive atmosphere that is all their own. I hope to do more events with them in the future.

This was the ACC encampment. It drew rave reviews from many Norselanders for it's authenticity.

Two girls walking through House Ravenclaw's encampment with freshly picked wildflowers.


House Ravenclaw's area early on Saturday before more of their members arrived.

While walking through the woods from encampment to encampment I stumbled upon an old sconce.

(Above & Right) Archery practice the day before Sunday's tourament.

(Above & Right) Wolfgang (right) receives the first armour of manhood in anticipation of his 16th birthday.

The last of the memorial tokens, a wrought iron cooking pan, is added to the ship.


Aongus (right) plays a farewell tune on the tin whistle.


A series of recently tipped arrows, assembled in the ACC encampment.

An unknown household's encampment near the pond.

(Left & Above) House Evergreen's encampment.

Artistic shot of the stone wall near the archery range.

The pond provided plenty of opportunity for the kids to play and pictures



The fire gets a good start.

Nearly the all of the Norseland particpants are in attendance to watch the memorial pyre.

By the end of the pyre this was all that was left.