Ancient Celtic Clans

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Mid-spring Gathering
May 16th & May 17th, 2009

Three Picts visiting from NJ were kind enough to grace us with their presence. (L to R - Shanna, Connal, Loretta)

Mickey whittles away.

Just a small portion of the feast's ingredients.

Maybe these would look nice on a helm?

Shanna of the Picts

Bread dough rises from the warmth as the stone oven preheats.

Helena looks into the torch light and listens to stories as the rainy evening goes on.

Who needs TV? With a shaving horse, bull's horn and imagination; Casey, Helena, and Samantha manage to have a grand time.

Mickey's mom, Kim, tunes her harp.

Finishing the butchering on a chicken Les brought.

Just as dinner was ready, the rain started. Fortunately, someone had the forethought to set up a rain fly.

Helena gets her hair done at the "Bog Body Hair Log". (All hair styles were duplicates of those found on bog bodies).

The Connal and Loretta take in the beautiful vista.

Casey warms her hands around one of the candle torches recently made for this event.