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"Test Trek" - Primitive Trek Equipment Trials

Date: September 29th, 2007

This five hour outing was a pretest of the Trek equipment designs, capabilities and capacities.

We hiked approx 1 mile (the full trek will be 2.5 miles) to a nice clearing in the woods. We then unlimbered our packs, set up our rain fly, collected tinder, fire wood, started a fire and cooked a small meal.

Over 90% of our equipment worked as expected, with only minor "tweaks" needed.

Amy, Casey and Samantha (left to right) are all set to head out.

Wide shot of the wooded clearing we set up camp in.

Initially we were planning to hold the skewers over the fire, but we quickly decided to use them as a mini spit. This worked quite well.

While walking in the area we stubled across the remains of a deer's jaw bone.

The nearby field offered to show us the last of summer's beauty as we left for the day.

Casey's pack was all set and we were off.

Bow, arrow, and packs unlimbered. This was total gear for our encampment.

Rain fly and cooking fire. The initial rain fly rig is ok, but there are probably layouts we'll experiment with later.

Samantha hangs out under the rain fly, on her hudfat while munching on the dinner cooked over the fire.

Amy makes some adjustments to Casey's pack on the return hike out.

Samantha carries out the bow, while her pack and gear remain hidden beneath her cloak.