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"Historic Strides"

A Primitive Trek for CF

Date Started - 10/06/2007
Date Completed - 10/07/2007

Historic Strides was conceived in the late Fall of 2006 as a way for us to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Northeastern NY. The CF Foundation was chosen because Sarah & Daniel Ritchie-Crowther's (2 of ACC's founders) granddaughter, Keria, was born with CF.

Although research and construction of historically correct Trek equipment began in February of 2007, thanks to other obligations the majority of the equipment (over 140 items) was produced from July to September. The route of the Trek took us to Pharaoh Lake in the Adirondack mountains.

Originally, the Trek was to have lasted a full 3 days and 2 nights. But "real life" unexpectedly intervened and reduced the Trek to 2 days and a single night. Even with the shorted time Trek participants (ages 10-41) hiked a total of 6 miles and carried a combined gear weight of over 165#

Keria (left), with her mom Paige. This trek was done, in part, to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Keira and all other who have Cystic Fibrosis

Casey and Keira

Dan helps Syd adjust her pack

Dan and Sam lead the way down the trail

Amy and Casey make up the last of the group starting the trek.

In the distant tree line was the official trailhead. The planks on the right are a trackway used when this area is a boggy mess in the spring.

After Dan C. tried starting the fire with flint and steel, DJ has a go.

Carefully the flaming tinder is laid down.

Dinner cooking on the fire started with flint and steel.

The trekkers ([left to right] Dan C., Dan P. Samantha, DJ, Casey, Syd, Amy) huddle under the rain fly on their hudfats early Sunday morning. This simple shelter was how we slept.

After breakfast and cleanup, breaking camp and packing for the trip out began.

Samantha hanging out with her pack on, waiting to head back out.

Casey (bottom center) is dwarfed by the trees as she patiently sits taking in the forest.

Just yards from our campsite we find this tree. The vertical white stripe is where its bark was blown off when it was struck by lightening!

Through this mess of forest lies the trail back home.

Pushing his pace, Dan C. moves easier than on the way in.

Down the trail and back towards home.

Down through the trees the sun shines. The second day has proven to be much nicer than the first.

The entire trekking crew with Keira before the Trek. (Back row left to right) Dan, Amy, Sarah, DJ
(Front row left to right) Keira, Samantha, Casey, Sydney

Samantha dons her pack at the trail head

Casey adjusts the woven belt she made at our Summer Solstice Gathering

DJ is next down the trail.

The Celts are on the move!

Daniel P. (yes another Dan) came as a Roman Auxilli. Since he was traveling from a distance, and our timing was off, he caught up with us 1/2 mile up the trail even without any shoes!

The first tendrils of smoke signal success!

Now that things are going, very small twigs and some more birch bark can be added. Once they catch progressively larger and larger branches are added.

The next morning brought more success for Dan C. This breakfast fire (tended by Dan P.) was started by Dan C. with flint and steel.

The morning rations; mostly cheese, bread and jerky.

Given that the size of our rainfly will only shelter 5 or 6, Dan P. erected his own shelter taking advantage of a nearby downed tree.

This was the view of the forest heading back to the main trail. Our camp area was nothing more than flat section of forest somewhere in the millions of acres of Adirondack wilderness.

Our safety back up and photographer, Sarah, stages a couple of anachronisms.

Dan C. is all geared up and ready to hike back out.

Once on the trail the Celts head back.

Down the trail and back towards home.

2/3rds of the way home, the terrain changes to a pine needle covered path.

Success! The Trek has been completed!