Ancient Celtic Clans

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Celtic Hand Cart

Started: November 2003
Completed: Estimated Late 2008

Sources: Wetwang Chariot, Hochdorf Wagon, "Iron Age chariots and medieval texts: a step too far in 'breaking down boundaries'?" by Raimund Karl, "Archmetals E-List" correspondence with Chris Salter - Iron and Roman Age Curator National Museums of Scotland re: Iron Banded Wheels.

Notes: Although we were unable to find a Celtic hand cart specifically, we made the primary assumption was that a 2 wheeled cart would have been based off of 2 wheeled chariot technology which was quite prevalant at the time. This cart will be made using period correct tools and materials wherever possible. Therefore, before construction of the cart can begin we will be making: draw knives, shaving horse, pole lathe, broad axes, froes, and adzes.

AutoCAD plans for Celtic Cart. Click on picture for a larger view (requires Acrobat Reader)