Ancient Celtic Clans

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Date Started - 04/14/2007
Date Completed - 04/14/2007

Ghillies, bag shoes, or bog shoes are just some of the names these traditional footware are known by.

They are found throughout most of the Celtic world whether Continental or Insular and they all use a common basic construction style, the drawstring bag.

This page shows an abbreviated series of construction steps. A more complete instructional page will be added to the "Resources" area soon.

The outline of each foot is traced, allowing for a 1/2" margin. These will become an interior layer to increase durability.

The round front and sides are punched with larger holes for the lacing.

The back of the shoe is stitched together. Once that is completed the front and side lacing will draw the rest around the foot in a "bag".

Based on length +4" and 2 width measurements (at the ball and instep) a "bag" pattern is cut.

Nearly the entire perimeter is punched with holes for lacing or (on the back end) for stiching.

As the lacing is being run the front is pulled taut to pucker and shape the front of the shoe.