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Warp Weighted Loom

Date Started - 12/2005
Date Completed - 05/2007

Sources: "Pagan Celtic Ireland" by Barry Raftery; Photo of reconstructed roundhouse and email correspondence with currators at Castell Henllys, Wales.

Like so many organic tools the style and construction of looms used is largely determined by the surviving products of their use, not an extent example of the tool itself. Certain type of weaves can only be achieved by certain loom types.

Notes - This page has been recreated with some older digital photos that had to be modified to fit the newer page layout. Because of this, large format links are not available on all images.

Richard works on drawknifing clean one of the uprights

Sarah works on knifing clean the main roller that is used to wind up the completed fabric.

The is loom now completely assembled with additional cross bracing (because it needs to be free standing).

This is a close up of the heddle rod pulling open a "shed" on the warp. The heddles themselves are made from linen thread.

Sydney, 11, for whom the loom is for is drawknifing clean a small limb that will be used for peg material. Her legs were too short to use the shaving horse easily so our friend applies pressure to the shaving horse's frame.

The loom parts from the above photos assembled to largely complete the frame. Still absent are the heddle rods and their holders.

In Ireland no warp weights have been found that date to the Iron Age. Because of this we have decided to use bags filled with stones. This setup is perfectly functional and would explain the lack of evidence of warp weights in the archaeological record.

Started at Celebration of Celts 2007 this a sample of the weaving we were able to do with the loom.