Ancient Celtic Clans

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Pole Lathe

Date Started - 11/2004
Date Completed - 01/2005

As with so many major tools in the Celtic world we have little or no evidence for them. Often all that remains are tool marks on the end product from which we must infer their use; the pole lathe is no exception to this.

Items turned on a pole (or reciprocating) lathe leave spiral cut marks on the turned wood. From this we know the Celts were using pole lathes.

Many reconstructed pole lathes are much larger affairs consisting of split logs and anchored firmly in the ground. Our particular needs often revolve around small projects and public demonstrations. Thus our pole lathe is designed to be mobile.

Notes - This page has been recreated with older digital photos that had to be modified to fit the newer page layout. Because of this, no large format links are available.

The raw materials we started with.

Test fitting the sliding adjustment head.

Brace bored leg holes in the complete pegged frame.

Pole lathe without metal components

Simple lathe tools not yet handled.

Ron Bakerian tests the capabilities of the brand new pole lathe.

Cutting the lap joint on the main lathe frame.

Complete frame test fit with adjusting head

Assembling the legs

Nearly completed pole lathe with foot treadle, and axis pins

Completed pole lathe. Total project time: 10 hours.