Located in Upstate NY, near Albany, Ancient Celtic Clans is a Celtic re-enactment group. We are interested in recreating the life and times of all Celtic peoples from 400BCE – 1600CE through the study and participation in their: song, poetry, religion, crafts, combat, and events.

Ancient Celtic Clans was founded in 1999 and we are looking for people dedicated to learning about the Celts through hands on experience. People who can bring new ideas, energy, and diversity to the Clans; so that we can educate ourselves and others about the history of the Celts.

We are not affiliated with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). Our group philosophy, structure and timeline is such that working as part of the SCA would be an unnecessary burden.

While we are not a fighter intensive group, we are looking to adopt a combat system (such as ARMA [Association for Renaissance Martial Arts] system) that is as historically accurate as possible.

We encourage our members to choose personas that accurately represent the entire cross section of a typical Celtic community. This includes Bards, Smiths, Carpenters, Druids, Farmers, Brewers, Chieftains, Leatherworkers, Warriors and many, many other people.

What do I need to Join?
Joining is pretty simple and straight forward. Simply come to a few meetings and when you’re ready, state your intention to form a clan, or your wish to join one. (The requirements for joining a clan are set by each Chieftain). We try our best to accurately portray the Celts from our individual eras. That said, we certainly don’t expect anyone to head out to purchase all the trappings needed for their persona either.

We try to help each other acquire or make the items that they need for their kit. At this point all of us are pretty close to ground zero and we have no intention of becoming ‘period police’ even when we are fully equipped. We are enthusiastic about our skills and are eager to share them with all newcomers.

The biggest goal of Ancient Celtic Clans is to learn as much as we can about our chosen time period and then educate other members and the general public about the Celts. The best way for people to learn about the Celts is through direct participation and when that is not possible, through Living History demonstrations.

The second goal is to have fun achieving the first goal.

Clan Gatherings
In true Celtic fashion visitors are always welcome and treated with honor and respect.

Ancient Celtic Clans meets the 3rd Saturday of each month. These meetings are typically an “ungarbed” event. At these meetings we discuss any new research findings, plan skill trainings and upcoming ‘Clan Gatherings’. Four times a year, at or near the solstices and equinoxes we hold garbed events called ‘Clan Gatherings’.

The Gatherings are typically an all day event and located outside season permitting. In the future we hope to be able to have the Summer Gathering over a weekend complete with period tenting, and the Winter and Spring Gatherings in period suitable housing.

During the Gathering a ‘Stone Soup’ feast is held. Everyone who is able brings an item for the feast. Other activities during the Gatherings include: ancient games, such as Feidchell (Hlafatafl), and Nine Mens Morris. Sparring with light weapons (quarter staves), spear throwing, archery and slinging. As better arms and armour are acquired sparring will can expand to include ‘heavy weapons’.

Although we currently do not have a Bard a few of us have taken up instruments to provide music for the Gatherings. If you have additional questions or wish to join Ancient Celtic Clans please feel free to drop us an email download our brochure or join our e-list.

Email: cormac@celticclans.org